Cross-Border Lecture: The Critical Design in the Context of Post-Phenomenology (8/4/2023開催)※終了しました 


國立清華大學教授/関西大学客員教授の邱誌勇(Aaron Chiu)さんが方法論としての批判的デザインという魅力的なテーマでお話しくださいます。ぜひご参加ください!


Critical design is a practical strategy through design that uncovers potentially hidden agendas and values, and explores alternative design values. A Critical Design practice challenges an audience’s pre-conceptions, provoking new ways of thinking about the object, its use, and the surrounding culture.

Also, Critical Design often uses various artistic devices to express its concerns regarding rapid technological progress and its criticism of scales of mass production, as well as of contemporary capitalism. It questions the negative impact of these phenomena on human society through artistic creation and design.

Against this background, is it possible that cross-border cooperation between art and design can help to strike a balance between each other, and that this cooperation can help to express a “caring-for-society”?

This talk will adopt a post-phenomenological perspective to design and arts and take examples from contemporary Taiwanese artists and designers’ works to understand the relationship between the existence of art/ design and the role of technology. This understanding is critical because the rapid pace of technological change and the increasing role of technology in the world of art/design are obvious.


Chih-Yung Aaron CHIU, Professor
Chair, Graduate Institute of Art and Technology
Director, Interdisciplinary Program of Technology and Art,
College of Arts, National Tsing Hua University

邱誌勇 教授


Shin Mizukoshi
Professor of Media Studies
Kansai University

関西大学社会学部メディア専攻 教授


16:00-18:00, Wednesday, August 4, 2023


This is both an in-person and online event. Free of charge.

In-person venue /対面参加の場合:

A203, Faculty of Sociology, Senriyama Campus, Kansai University
関西大学千里山キャンパス第3学舎(社会学部)A203教室 [Map]

・Those who wish to participate in person need not apply in advance; please come directly on the event day.

Online participation/オンライン参加の場合:

・Those who wish to participate online must register in advance from the URL below:


Shin Mizukoshi Lab., Kansai University


Inter-field Network for Science, Technology and Media Studies(INSTeM)