Commencing the Second Phase of “5: Designing Media Ecology”
『5: Designing Media Ecology』第2期について

Shin Mizukoshi

The bilingual little magazine “5: Designing Media Ecology” was launched in 2014 by seven friends who each chipped in 70,000 yen to start publication.
Since then, we have published twice a year while gradually increasing our circulation, and a total of nine issues have been released by December 2018.
On behalf of the editorial team, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our readers and contributors for allowing us to come this far.
Thank you very much.

For various reasons, the publication of Issue No. 10 has been suspended, and I want to take this opportunity to apologize to those looking forward to its publication.
In the meantime, members of "5" have continued various projects including the website and Radio5.

INSTeM, which began with the encounter between Osamu Sakura and Yanghyun Chun, is a nexus that bridges different fields and disciplines and sits somewhere between academia and society.
In fact, the original goals and activities of "5" serve as a foundation for the creation of INSTeM.
The editorial board of the magazine "5" has been in discussion since late 2021, and has decided to start a new phase of "5: Designing Media Ecology" as a magazine of INSTeM.
The magazine will maintain its original name and will begin its new chapter within the nexus of INSTeM, a foundation created in the same spirit as that of magazine "5".

For online shopping and further information, including back issues from the first phase, please visit "Magazine 5" on the top page.

Thank you for your continued support.

Shin Mizukoshi
Editor-in-Chief, 5: Designing Media Ecology

『5:Designing Media Ecology』第2期スタートについて

2014年に7名の仲間が7万円を出し合って創刊した、バイリンガルのリトルマガジン『5: Designing Media Ecology』


『5』編集部は、2021年後半から話し合い、この度、『5: Designing Media Ecology』の第2期の活動を、INSTeMの雑誌としてスタートすることにしました。

第1期を含むオンラインショッピングと詳細情報については、トップページの「Magazine 5」をご覧ください。


『5: Designing Media Ecology』編集長